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Dimension Data named as Marketing Innovators by Cisco


Ruth Rowan | Group Executive, Marketing

Recognition from Cisco for our joint global marketing campaigns shows synergies in our organisations

Dimension Data has a culture of innovative thinking – which I’m extremely proud of. We use innovation not only when we build and deploy services and solutions, but also when we build and communicate our propositions and brand in marketing.

It’s a huge privilege that we have recently received the Marketing Innovation Partner of the Year award at the Cisco Partner Summit 2017 in Dallas. This is recognition of the amazing work that is happening in every country and every proposition around our marketing organisation. A real global team effort.

We received the award predominantly for the financial contribution we’ve delivered to both businesses as well for our Connected Conservation programme. For those of you not familiar with the programme, Connected Conservation was born out of a sincere belief that what we do today, will shape our future and that technology can be a catalyst for change in wildlife conservation. Sharing a deep passion for protecting our wildlife heritage, we embarked on this ambitious project with Cisco, to protect threatened rhino in southern Africa by creating a safe haven for these animals to thrive in.

Dimension Data and Cisco have deployed some of the world’s most sophisticated technology in an unnamed private game reserve (stretching over 62,000 hectares), adjacent to the world-renowned Kruger National Park. The always-on solution monitors and tracks individuals from the time they enter the reserve’s gates, until they exit. By effectively monitoring and controlling the movement of people in game reserves, unauthorised access can be prevented.  It also alerts rangers and tracks poachers coming through or over fences that protect part of the reserve.

The marketing programme tells an inspiring story of how digital technology can be a catalyst for change in wildlife conservation. Through the programme, we aim to leverage the strength of the Cisco and Dimension Data partnership, and highlight the ability of the partnership to execute together. Moreover, we create global brand awareness of our capabilities in digital infrastructure, cybersecurity, digital workplace, and hybrid cloud by sharing the Connected Conservation story.

The Dimension Data marketing team drove this global and region-led awareness campaign with such passion, that it reached a potential readership of 713.6 million via the global print, online, and broadcast media. Statistics released by the game reserve suggest that the deployment of the connected conservation solution has reduced the rate of rhino poaching by a staggering 96%.

The Connected Conservation programme is not the only marketing initiative we’re running with Cisco. We’re also demonstrating how technology can transform other industries, such as healthcare, sports and retail. We’re also working hard on the ground in every country to ensure we are helping clients in the most appropriate way from account-based marketing, digital network refresh, security, collaboration, customer experience,  – the list goes on.

Together with Cisco, we’ve been transforming our marketing, and focusing efforts around digital and omnichannel, as well as multi-partner marketing. The Cisco Partner Award is testament of the strong synergies between our organisations: we believe in our joint solutions and the successes it brings clients.

Thank you to all the marketing minds behind our joint programmes, and in helping to make this marketing alliance world class.

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